Airport Restaurants: The best spots to eat fresh at JFK

When people arrive early for a flight just so they can dine at their favourite airport restaurants, you know that place must special. JFK has a whole list of those places – among them a bunch of restaurants you can get healthy, fresh and unprocessed meals!

A great tip for eating well at JFK: They use an app called be4youboard, which you can use to order your food and have it delivered right to your gate. Genius!

Here are the top JFK airport restaurants for fresh, unprocessed food

1. Deep Blue Sushi. People schedule their flights around their visits to this gorgeous cobalt blue restaurant. It seems that they can’t get enough of the super-fresh sushi, ramen, and cooked dishes such as black cod. If you’re passing through JFK and don’t have enough time to sit and enjoy a meal at Deep Blue, head next door to Deep Blue on the Fly, which is Deep Blue’s to-go sister resto.

Terminal 5, post security.

"The best airport restaurants to eat fresh at JFK." Deep Blue Sushi.
Deep Blue Sushi at JFK. PHOTO:

2. Brasserie La Vie. French classics served in a bistro setting – styled after the “charm of a Parisian cafe” – may help you forget about that 13 hour flight you’re about to board. Nicoise salad, seared salmon with mustard crust and lentils, and of course, steak frites are all on offer here.

Terminal 5, post security.

"The best airport restaurants to eat fresh at JFK." Brasserie La Vie.
Brasserie La Vie at JFK. PHOTO:

3. Croque Madame. Not to be outdone in the French bistro food offerings, Croque Madame, owned by famed chef Andrew Carmellini offers open-faced sandwiches, crepes, and salads. Their iPads offer self-service ordering and you can sit and charge your electronics while you wait for a server to deliver your food. The charming pink and black décor will ensure you don’t miss this great spot!

Terminal 2, post-security, gates 21/22.

"The best airport restaurants to eat fresh at JFK." Croque Madame.
Croque Madame at JFK. PHOTO:

4. Balducci’s. Balducci’s is a New York staple – and if you’re like me and want something fresh, quick and easy to choose from, this is the place. With sandwiches, salads, and prepared foods that you can grab and go, this food market has something for everyone. Every airport needs a Balducci’s!

Terminal 2, post security.

"The best airport restaurants to eat fresh at JFK." Balducci's.
Balducci’s at JFK. PHOTO:

5. Aeronuova. I hear that Aeronuova is the place to go for bucatini and clams before you fly five hours from JFK to SFO. I might not inhale a bowl of bucatini, but the baby beets and tuna carpaccio I could definitely see me having. The menu is delightful, and the reviews are stellar.

Terminal 5, post security.

The best airport restaurants to eat fresh at JFK. Aeronuova.
Aeronuova at JFK. PHOTO:

6. Piquillo. Piquillo made the Daily Meal’s list of top airport restaurants around the globe. With its cool arched ceiling, cheese and cured meat plates and other delicious, authentic Spanish tapas, it’s no wonder why! Order a wine or some sangria and people watch while your small plates are being prepared.  Piquillo has the honour of being the first tapas restaurant ever to open in an American airport.

Terminal 5, post security.

"The best airport restaurants to eat fresh at JFK." Piquillo
Piquillo at JFK. PHOTO:
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