Vane Airport Takes off

vane airport takes off
vane airport takes off

Welcome to the online site, aka, VaneAirport Magazine. We intend for this site to be the “go to” site for all airline travelers in the world.

Look, airport layovers could be very exciting and thrilling. The idea of just hopping on a plane in one continent, say,  North America and flying clear across the world to Europe, Asia, Japan, Australia, India or the Mideast for business or pleasure. These airports, out of necessity, have become villages unto themselves.  Is all within our grasp.

The problem, of course, is airport layovers has also become very stressful. The long lineups at the airports.  National security concerns. Weather delays. Plane delays.  Stress, stress and more stress.

The goal of VaneAirport Magazine is to provide an ongoing ever changing resource for the many services provided at the major airports in the world.  Such services are all designed to make your experience in the airport less stressful. Perhaps enlightening and empowering. Or just stimulating and productive.

Health, Wellness and Happy is a huge concern of ours. In most of the airports we hope to provide you with where to access the best gyms or fitness clubs. Where to “cool  your jets” with soothing massages, manicures, pedicures and facials.

On the healthy food front; where to go for fresh and delicious and healthy food. Or if you are not into healthy, where to go for great comfort food; hip bistros or comfortable national chains,  that will make your extended airport stay at least tolerable. And perhaps even fun and enjoyable. In some cases, where to access medical, health, and dental care.

Traveling with young children, teenagers or even young adults, also has its many challenges. The better airports have designed special children and kids’ entertainment areas where children and teenagers can be kept amused and entertained, especially doing long layovers.  We will endeavor to seek out this oases of  fun and entertainment and report back  to you, for your information.  Also, we will connect you to the hundreds of airport therapy dogs around the world helping passengers de-stress.

This online site will publish original pieces bi-weekly, from well-known experts in health, wellness and  travel. These experts will discuss and comment on the services provided by individual airports. Or alternatively, offer useful and insightful  tips and advice on airline travel in the modern 21st century. There will be educational materials. Monthly peer-reviewed expert and opinion.  Even stories of love, romance and high drama.  The sky is literally the limit.

We welcome contributions from expert and amateur travelers. We want to learn from your experiences and in turn help all those who come to this site.

We’ve entered a new era of airport layovers. We can’t create a community of specialists by ourselves. Only with your
help will we create a broad and thriving community that, in its own right addresses the unique challenges during airport layovers and airplane delays.

We here are all jazzed and excited to be part of this new launch.

So buckle up. Hold on tight. We are all in for an amazing ride.

Cristina Alcivar


Cristina Alcivar

Founder of Vane Airport digital marketing strategist, branding executive, lover of 80s music and all while being a single mom.

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