10 Things Happy People Do Before They Go To The Airport

For many of us, heading to the airport can begin a rushed panic and being inside can lead to melt downs. But for happy people this experience is a human one – going with the flow, not sweating the small stuff and being in the now. I’ve figured out the top 10 things happy people do before they go to the airport and why it makes their experience better!

While my “top 10 things happy people do” list might not be all that mind-blowing, even if one of these observations helps make your travel day better, I am going to totally take off into HAPPY LAND.

10 things happy people do before and after they get to the airport

1. They prepare the night before.

They do several things such as make copies of travel documents, check-in online, and ensure their bags are not overloaded and ready to explode.

10 Things Happy People Do Before They Go To The Airport
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2. They hug and kiss their family goodbye.

In the word of digital, nothing beats saying goodbye with human touch and interactions. Kissing and hugging those we love will upgrade us to a better mood right away!

University of California professor Sonja Lyubomirsky’s research of what the happiest people have in common cites that happy people “…devote a great amount of time to their family and friends, nurturing and enjoying those relationships.”

3. They pack their own snacks or someone that loves them does. 

I read a lot about people packing snacks to the airport and as a mom I am an expert snack packer. Since we know airport food usually sucks, those that prepare their own food will not experience being hangry at the airport.

4. They express gratitude.

The world’s most prominent gratitude researcher, Robert Emmons, defines it as a “sense of wonder, thankfulness, and appreciation for life”. Striving to feel grateful and noticing how fortunate our circumstances are (hey we are on a trip after all!) will make us feel much better.

5. They are optimistic.

Upon arrival to the airport they get their ZEN faces on. Have you ever noticed that certain people tend to expect things to go badly? Often, without any conscious prompting the “I forgot my passport!!” panic starts to set in. It’s understandable why happy optimists are less prone to freak-outs.

6. They don’t take themselves too seriously.

“What do you mean my shampoo is not a liquid?” and then “Oh no, my shampoo exploded! I guess it is a liquid…”. Mistakes happen. Happy people allow themselves to make mistakes and only let themselves have very limited negative self-talk.

7. They are helpful and expect nothing in return.

Happy people want to give back and usually are not the ones hogging all the chargers or the seats. The happiest people I know simply focus on trying to make the world a better place. Happy people let go of always wanting something in return. That’s how they never (or at least rarely) get disappointed.

8. They get that fear is only a state of mind.

There are all kinds of fear at airports – flying, lines, too many people! However, there is no point holding back in life just because you feel a little scared.

10 Things Happy People Do Before They Go To The Airport

9. They are not travelling with toxic people.

We have heard this story or had the experience. Happy people set proper boundaries and let go of toxic people. Makes sense, right?

10. They design their layover time and enjoy it.

They are realistic that an airport experience can have gate changes, flight changes and even seat changes once boarded.  They stay in the moment and embrace the power of now. Being present has definitive happy benefits.

Cristina Alcivar

Founder of Vane Airport digital marketing strategist, branding executive, lover of 80s music and all while being a single mom.

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