8 Absolute Worst Things that people do at the airport

During my many years of airport layovers, there are some actions or personal conduct by certain people that are just plain wrong.  Trust me. I know of what I speak after tons of hours spent in various airports. I’ve come to classify several distinct types of behavior or things that are either disgusting, inconsiderate or annoying.

Try to avoid the following at the airport:

1) The aggressive nose picker.

Just because you are at the airport doesn’t mean no one is watching.  You think we don’t see you pull that slimy booger out of your nose, roll in a ball and pop it in your mouth. Let us also not forget the obnoxious chewing sitting next to us in the lounge, chomping on about 6 pieces of Bumble gum, mouth wide open so we could see yesterday’s Taco dinner.

How to fix it: Go to the washroom and stay there.

2) Sally “The gate seat hogger

How many times have you rushed to the lounge at your airport gate- tired, bedraggled, and stressed out? And then you discover to your utter dismay, that all the seats were taken?  More accurately, there is this woman taking a nap, lying across not one, not two, not three, but four seats.

Image via Fotolia
Image via Fotolia

How to fix it: One seat per customer.

3) Horace the Electrical Outlet Hogger 

How many times do you rush out the door, kiss the spouse, pet the dog, text your lover and you forget to power up your smartphone?

So when you reach the airport, your battery is low and on the brink of death. At the gate, you look around desperately for an outlet. Because if your phone dies, you are naked, vulnerable, cut off from civilized society.

Generally, at most airports outlets are few and literally far between. And typically held hostage by a male or female electronic hogger. Whose electronics are all plugged in, powered to the max and they are avoiding eye contact of course. Consequently, we have to beg these self-centered plugged in characters to use the public outlet.

Image Sarah Gilbert via flickr
Image Sarah Gilbert via flickr

How to fix it:  If you care and you want to avoid us going totally unplugged, share the outlet.

4) The Re-packer

You finally make it to the front of the line, just behind one person who looks vaguely familiar.  But then this person ahead of you is told that her 100-pound suitcase is over the weight limit. And she commences to rant in surprise to open up her bag and chuck out her unsold copies of her Memoirs “Hard Choices.”

How to fix it: Weigh your bag ahead of time.

5) Bare Feet

Okay, it is a sad fact of life that for the sake of airport security, we must all take off our shoes before boarding a flight. But come on folks, taking off your shoes is not a license to prance around in bare feet.

If you’re going to walk around, leave your shoes on. The airport is a public area, it’s not your house or your college dorm room. Don’t expect us to grin, when you bare it (feet, that is.).

Image by Christopher via flickr
Image by Christopher via flickr

How to fix it: Keep your shoes on.

6) The insensitive noise maker. 

Some air travellers think that they are brilliant house DJs on the brink of discovery and fame playing music out loud. Who can’t forget that loud phone talker?  According to, Lexi Tollefsen  “not using headphones” as some of the worst things people are doing at airports.

How to fix it: Use headphones and/or use your inside voice.

 7) Parents who don’t manage their kids.

As a parent I know that kids can be difficult to control especially when bored. Few things are more grating than small children running around and screaming. What’s even worse is when no real attempt is made for them to use their “inside voice.”

How to fix it: Keep your kids in check. I know it may be impossible, but at least appear to be trying.

8) The Drunk Person

I know the whole flying experience could be stressful. And what way better to calm your frazzled nerves before a flight with some wine.  I feel for the inebriated dude who started arguing with airport staff and launched into a loud soliloquy lamenting layover injustices.

How to fix: Just don’t drink and fly


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