Airport Seat Hogger: Which Type Are You?

The airport seat hogger is a person who conquers seats and doesn’t feel one seat is ever enough. They have various forms and ways to prevent you from getting a seat like stretching out, placing their bags on seats, you know the deal. In fact, you may have been one of these people and can’t admit it, because after all, no one wants to admit they’re an airport seat hogger. Right?

Usually after massive delays we can encounter big crowds near the gates and no seats. Sure, that’s normal. Other times the airport can be empty with plenty of seating and yet, still can’t find a place to sit. You guessed it: it’s all thanks to an airport seat hogger.

Though I haven’t conducted formal research on the topic of airport seat hoggers, I assume this behaviour (besides being plain rude) is them not wanting anyone around them. Well guess what? You’re at an airport so there’ll be lots of people around you!

Airport seat hogging is a reality- just like it’s the case with public seating on trains and buses. In my view, airport seat hogging is one of the worst airport things people can do at airports. But are you one of them?

What kind of airport seat hogger are you?

airport seat hogger
PHOTO: Anne Worner via flickr

1. Putting Bags On Open Seats – The Bag Lady.

‘My bags need a seat too’ person.

Attitude: Sense of entitlement (for herself and her bags).

2. Claiming Extra Legroom/Arm Room – The Octopus.

They spread out one or more limbs in a way that unreasonably occupies adjacent seating.

Attitude: It’s all about me.

3. Barricade Access to Seats – The Sargent.

With great tactic and design they create an obstacle using their belongings so you can’t physically reach the seat.

Attitude: I will fight for my space. Wanna piece of me? Come and get it.

airport seat hogger
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4. Sleeping or Lying Down on Multiple Seats – The Sleeper.

Attitude: I just don’t care I am too tired.

5. Doing personal things that just scare people away – The Stylist.

These are various tactics range from eating a bunch of food, removing your shoes and socks, which, almost guarantees that nobody will want to sit beside you. Doing your nails, combing your hair a lot, and talking loudly on your cell phone can also do the trick.

Attitude: I am solving my personal needs can’t you see that?

So what happens when you want that seat? What should one do when a fellow passenger breaches airport seat etiquette?

Unfortunately, some will just walk away while others will simply ask and get the seat. How? Ask nicely, smile and use these handy tips utilizing the art of asking.

Here are some tips designed to encourage courteous seat sharing:

• Offer your seat
• Sit with respect and…
• Respect others personal space
• Do your best not to hog the arm rests
• Never sit on anyone’s luggage deliberately
• Please offer seat to elderly passengers, visibly pregnant women, or with small children

Don’t be an airport seat hogger!

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