Airport Style: Cuffwear in Terminal Vending Machines

We’ve got your airport style needs taken care of – or rather, Cuffwear does. With cufflinks being sold out of vending machines at the airport, you’ll never have an excuse not to be your most dapper self. Currently, Cuffwear by Chris Zownir is sold at Detroit Metropolitan Airport with more vending machines coming to Atlanta International Airport too. Is this the future of fashion? We think so.

Zownir says the thing he’s most excited about is “seeing people’s reactions to the machines” and that he hopes to have 25 machines in U.S. airports by the end of the year – with Canadian airports to follow.

Cuffwear is the first menswear accessories label to have items featured in vending machines in the airport – any airport. Think about it: what is there already for men, besides electronics? Nothing. That’s why this concept has been such a hit.

Airport style is all in the details with Cuffwear

In the Cuffwear Express vending machines, not only can you buy the funkiest cufflinks to spice up your French cuffs, but you can also pick up a pair of socks, travels wallets, a silk tie or magnetic collar stays by Wurkin Stiffs. So next time you forget to pack something or you need to buy a last minute gift, look no further.

Cuffwear offers 21 different cufflink styles in the LED-lit express vending machine, retailing at approx. $49USD per pair. These aren’t your average cufflinks either. Styles range from skulls to stars to bears to bulldogs and everything in between. In other words, it’s all about the details.

“They definitely add a punch of personality,” Zownir says.

Airport Style - Cuffwear
PHOTO: Cuffwear

How to buy Cuffwear at the airport

This is the fun part. There’s a touch screen on the machine (kind of like an iPad) that you can view all the cufflink styles and pick the one the want, add it to your cart, swipe your credit card and you’re good to go! Then the machine will find the one you selected, pick it up and dispense it for you, beautifully wrapped and all.

If you need to know more about what you’re buying, stick around and watch the informational videos at the top of the vending machines. Cuffwear has set up rotating videos describing products and how to wear them.

Cuffwear has a 30-day return policy if you’re not happy with your purchase and all the info for that is tucked away inside your cufflink box.

So, get ready to ‘dress up the moment’ next time you’re passing through Detroit, Atlanta or many other airports to come!

Melina Morry

Associate Editor of Vane Magazine who has a knack for travel style, a love for leopards and is always keen to pack a suitcase and fly to a different part of the world.

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