Hartsfield-Jackson Airport: Where Live Music Lives

Live music. That’s what we need at the airport – a band, some jazzy tunes, some local flair and joie de vivre to make our time spent waiting around a little less dull. Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta has just that. What else could we expect from a city bursting with live music venues?

We definitely don’t need more of that annoying background elevator music that just makes you feel weird and uncomfortable anyways.

At Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, passengers are often greeted by the sound of live music when entering the Atrium area. Throughout the year there are different varieties of music ranging from latin to the Black History music series to the holidays but for two weeks in May, as part of the city-wide Jazz Festival Celebration, Hartsfield-Jackson presents stellar jazz performances in the Airport Atrium.

When to find live music at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

All performances from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Airport Atrium.

May 17:  Tony Waters

airport jazz

May 18: Charles Marshal, the Jazz Ambassador

May 19: The After Hours Quintets

May 20: Darren Winters

May 21: Gary Harris 

May 24: Trey Wright Trio 

May 25: Takana Miyamoto and friends

PHOTO: facebook.com/TakanaMusic

May 26: Mike Blackburn

May 27: Joe Jennings and Life Force

May 28: Eldridge Simms Quartet

music at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport
PHOTO: esimmsjazz.webs.com

5 benefits of listening to live music

(Jazz in particular)

  • It has the same soothing affects as a massage to help reduce anxiety
  • It inspires creativity and promotes relaxation and better sleep
  • Jazz listeners have been found to be 25% less depressed than non-listeners
  • According to studies, listening to jazz can help ease chronic pain
  • You’ll be entertained and isn’t that benefit enough?
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