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Several years ago I used to frequent fly between Toronto and LA.  Being a super organized individual I would have my on flight luggage set up and sorted out perfectly.  Since we are held captive in our chairs for hours at a time I have figured out a way to keep my entertainment and beauty routine efficient and down to a minimum on the packing front.

My trip to LA involved meeting a hot boyfriend on the other side of a five hour flight.  I had to make sure I was looking my best and fresh faced on arrival.  I realize that after a little nap where your face happened to be plastered against the window of the plane that you may not look so fab and I would have to take beauty matters into my own hands.

These are my travel beauty tips and  carry on essentials:

A bottle of water is completely necessary.  Water is an in-flight essential. You can’t risk being parched because you have to wait for an attendant to have a sip.  Plane air is very dry. Make yourself drink a half litre before the end of the flight.

Face misting during flight.  A facial mist spray with organic rosewater is gentle for sensitive skin, will tighten pores, balance oil and brighten.  It’s the best way to liven up your face and feel refreshed.

Lip Balm. I can’t tell you how many times I would apply a lip balm during a flight.  Try one with plumping action that will make you more kissable.

If you are using a silk sleep mask to get some shut eye you may want to opt for the waterproof mascara unless you enjoy raccoon eyes.  I like to keep a little wire mascara comb handy for anti clumping.  A plumping under eye cream with an ingredient like caffeine or green tea will reduce puffiness and re hydrate tired eyes.

Bring your own pillow. I like to bring my own plane pillow and one of the best things you can do is put your silk pillowslip over it.  This will keep your face and hair in better shape since it’s very gentle.  So no bed head when you arrive!

Hand sanitizer. Don’t forget the hand sanitizer.  I get so grossed out by public spaces.

All these travel size items are accessible while I am in flight.  I keep it in a zippered clear pouch so I’m not retrieving a mascara from under my neighbors chair two hours later.   When I sit down I set myself up with my pre-loaded movies and magazines on my IPad.  I try to fully go into my own sensory deprivation world with my noise reducing cushy headphones, silk pillow, favorite relaxing music, favorite comfy wrap sweater, visual inspiration, silk sleep mask and pillow and my regime of beauty on the fly products.  After all….I had to rest up for a fun night on the other side !

To see some of my beauty on the fly suggestions go to our Pinterest page:


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