Airport Romance: How to Make That Special Connection at the Airport

There is something about airports and the thrill of airport travel that set my heart aflutter. I’m sure this is true for many like-spirited men and women. The thought of airport romance is enough to send butterflies into anyones stomach.

Perhaps it’s flying off into the unknown. Or the basic romance of flying to exotic locales. Or maybe even the prospect of meeting quite randomly a complete stranger who may be “The One.”

Here are some of the best places to meet, flirt and discover your own airport romance.

Denver Airport Security Lines
PHOTO Alice Daer/flickr

Chat them up in the pre-boarding/security lines

Pre-boarding/security lines are often times long, aggravating and soul-annihilating experiences. But counter-intuitively, these very such lines are ideal for approaching someone. These long winding lines provide an excellent opportunity to converse and bond with that attractive fellow traveler. You’ll likely possess a shared sense of boredom and ennui.

First, there isn’t much to do while waiting in line to check baggage. It’s tough to read standing up or even tune out listening to tunes on your iPod. So what better way to spend this time than engaging in a conversation? Talk to the passenger who sparks your interest. Look ahead or behind you while you’re in line and you may find the airport romance you seek.

With regards to the security lines, nothing bonds two attractive strangers in flight more than the TSA. There is just something about standing barefoot (or in socks) and being patted down for a mini bomb that may or may not be lodged in your butt cleavage.

In this situation, it seems that misery, absurdity and boredom love company.

Open book store MSP Airport

Bonding at the bookstore

I’ve always had great success striking up a conversation with fellow travelers at airport bookstores.
You can tell a lot about a person by his or her choice of reading material.

Or not.

One woman engaged me in conversation at New York’s La Guardia. She was holding a copy of a Harlequin romance novel to her heaving bosom. She introduced herself as a hopeless and hopeful romantic, I was immediately smitten.

Another woman defiantly read in front of me while in line. Her book of choice: the steamy novel, “Fifty Shades of Grey.” It follows that she dominated the conversation and revelled in her new found power.

Baggage claim San Diego Airport
PHOTO San Diego Airport

Claim your airport romance with your luggage

The baggage claim area is perhaps one of the best places, to meet your potential Mr./Ms. Right or even Mr./Ms. Right Now.
You’ve flown together in the same enclosed plane for hours. You both have inhaled the same stale cabin air.

You have shared the same mediocre airplane food. You both have watched the same lame family-friendly Disney film. Together you’ve shared an air traveling experience.

I’ve known marriages that initially lacked such a solid foundation. If there’s an immediate physical connection, the dude seems single or “singlish,” go for it. Don’t forget, you only have a few minutes to secure a cell number. Then, the luggage magically appears on the conveyor belt and your chance is gone.

So, ladies and gentlemen, go in for the kill. If you never ask, you never get.

Secure that number for future reference. Better yet, prolong your nascent relationship by sharing a cab or Uber downtown. If you’re each others’ “The One,” nature should take its course.

In any event you’ll have a nice cab ride in close quarters to ascertain if that person is the one.

And you’ll discover whether this is the beginning or end of a very interesting journey together.

Mitch Wolfe

Mitch is a writer, author and cultural commentator who is both a hopeless and hopeful romantic. He loves to travel and comment humorously on his misadventures.

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